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In today's fast paced world anything that saves time is welcomed. Remote control consumer electronic devices have become indispensable and infrared remote control is the standard.

A simple IR remote control system made from the components below will effortlessly and reliably control audio, video, and home automation equipment from anywhere in your home.

Infrared Remote Control System Components

  • IR-250 ......... High Performance Ultra Thin (1/2") J-box IR Repeater
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out
  • IR-350 ......... High Performance Easy Connect 1/2" Tube IR Repeater
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out
  • IR-100 ......... Signal Amplified & Flasher Regulated Connecting Block
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out
  • IR-E1 ........... Tiny Stick-on IR Flasher with Signal Confirmation LED
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out
  • SPS-1210 .... Premium High Efficiency 12Vdc Regulated 1.0A Supply
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out

Structured Wiring Accessories

  • IR-J8 ........... Structured Wiring Box - Up to 8 Repeaters + Power In
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out

Helpful Tips

See the IR technical Support for some helpful information.