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Music is good for the soul, it can take you places when you need to get away. High quality reproduced music can be extremely enjoyable for hours at a time. You might find yourself listening to CDs one after another, for hours, forgetting all about time.

Poor quality reproduced music can subconsciously irritate and grind on your nerves. This can reduce your listening to short periods of time. You might wonder why you're not enjoying music as much as you have in the past. Poor quality reproduction also has the tendency to reduce the number of listenable CDs in your collection which adversely effects your music investment.

The listening experience greatly depends on the quality of the components reproducing the music. Audio products can vary greatly in the way they pass and reproduce audio signals.

Selecting quality audio components will provide many years of enjoyable listening.

In-wall Volume Controls

  • VC-5S ........ Premium Selectable Mode VC - Subtle 1.5dB Level Steps
    Replaces the VC-5A ( Exact Same Volume Control + Added Jumper Control )
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out

Structured Wiring Accessories

  • VC-J8 ......... Structured Wiring Box - Connects 1 Amplifier to 8 VCs
    Retired (12/31/2018) & Sold Out

Helpful Tips

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