Retired Audio Products

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These products have been retired because our distribution network demand has dropped to the point where it is not practical for Buffalo Electronics to to build the minimum build quantities. These are all still viable high quality products, just not popular in our distribution network.

If you have a special interest in any of our retired products we may be able to offer a private labeled custom build with your company name on the product. Please contact Sales for details.

Retired Audio Amplifiers

  • MB-100 ...... Powerful Precision "Audiophile" Monoblock Amplifier
    Retired & Sold Out (August 7, 2013)

Retired In-wall Volume Controls

  • VC-5A ........ Premium Easy to Install VC - Subtle 1.5dB Level Steps
    Retired & Sold Out (April 30, 2012) Replaced by VC-5S
  • VC-5STD .... Great Sounding Value Priced Industry Standard VC
    Retired & Sold Out (December 30, 2011)